Friday, 5 August 2011

Writing student facing programme and modules specifications

All programme and modules specifications at City University London are now written as student facing documents. What does this mean for the staff writing them?

When you are developing your documents you should now write them as if you were talking to the student face to face. This provides an oppportunity to use language they will understand but also helps you make them more interesting and include the things you think are really good about your programme and module.

Tell the student what they will gain from the programme and module and how this will help them. Ensure your learning outcomes are measurable and they can understand them (see post on learning outcomes for further help with learning outcomes).

Tell them why you use the teaching  and assessment approaches you do and how this will help them on the programme but also in their future employment. Make the links to the self directed time they have so they see this as linked to the face to face time and still supported by you.

You should ensure the document reads as if it for them so say you it is more personal.

There is a tips sheet to help you here.

If you need more help in revising your documents so they are user friendly contact us at the LDC and we can help you.

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