Friday, 5 August 2011

Writing your Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes can be difficult to get right in terms of ensuring you make them measurable and use language that is clear to everyone. Often you find you write the same verbs for what students should do because it is difficult to think of others terms. We have some guidance for you that you can use to think of other terms and ensure your learning outcomes are at the right level.

Other potential issues are making sure you have them under the right category and sometimes there might be more than one heading you could use. At City University London we have three categories now which are:
Knowledge and Understanding
Values and Attitudes

Think about what you really want the student to do. Is it purely a knowledge activity or is there a skill related to this. What values and attitudes will you teach the students that you want them to display when meeting others.

Lastly think about the number of outcomes you have. You cannot have an outcome for every aspect of your programme and module these often also have to be broad so think about what your student should be able to do at the end of the programme or module.

We have written some guidance for you which is attached here  and do contact the LDC if you need more help.

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