Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Conference Presentations to Date

The project to date has disseminated information at conferences both about this project and other institutional projects that compliment this and then also as part of the cluster group working together. Outlined here are the conferences to date that have been undertaken.

Quinsee S, Brown S, Parker P, Kander C, Truscott H, Bartholomew P & Lloyd A 9th September 2009 Symposium presented on Herding cats? Engaging stakeholders in complex institutional change projects for the ALT-C 2009 conference “In dreams begins responsibility” – Choice, evidence, and change 16th International Conference Manchester UK

This symposium was presented by the five institutional projects that are working together as a cluster. The focus was on how we had all worked differently with our stakeholders and tips to engaging them.
Here is the presentation and the tips sheet

Parker P, Quinsee S,  Phillips A, Truscott H,  Lloyd A, Eustance C, Slade G, Kandler C, Freeman R, Bartholomew P & Brown S – 7th May 2010 workshop presented on The CAMEL Trail which is about using an approach to work collaboratively across institutions at the Spring 2010 SEDA conference in Leeds

This presentation was about using the CAMEL methodology to work together as a Cluster group and support and develop each other projects. We used the poster as an aid to our discussions.
Here is the poster

Parker P & Quinsee S paper presented on Lessons in curriculum design and institutional change at the AISHE-C annual conference in Dublin in 25th – 26th August 2010

This presentation was focused on how through two institutional projects that of PREDICT and the Strategic Learning Environment project the two project leads had learnt lessons about the challenges and opportunities these projects provided.

Parker P & Wilkinson N invited speakers to present a paper on Curriculum Re-Design: Don’t Just Survive, Thrive! At the Associate Deans and Innovative Programs Conference 1st – 3rd November 2010 in St. Pete Beach, Florida USA

The project manager for PREDICT was invited to provide a joint paper with another speaker so there was a USA and European perspective on curriculum design. The session provided an overview of approaches used in two institutions and then enabled the participants to share their experiences and strategies that enabled curriculum design to take place.

Parker P & Quinsee S workshop run on Facilitating Institutional Change at the 18th International Conference on Learning in Mauritius in July 2011

This workshop provided an opportunity to explore issues related to curriculum design such as the language used, the barriers to design and the strategies we have found success with.
Here is the presentation part of the workshop

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